I’ve been thinking about taking a break from making bags lately. I don’t have enough time to commit to building a big stock for my Etsy shop and customers at local fares don’t seem to want to pay the premium I charge for the quality of the Harris Tweed I use. Also, I kinda want to start learning to make clothes and other things……my brand new dressmakers dummy is looking a bit lonely all undressed in my sewing room.

Anyway, before that, I had one order from America to satisfy. My client had asked for a Swoon Ethel in the beautiful Harris Tweed summer colours that I had in my stash. I’ll be honest, I was a bit loathed to take in the commission because I really want a bag for myself in this fabric and I was running low! Hey Ho,  maybe my Harris Tweed supplier will rerun it next year.

I’m yet to come across a tote bag pattern as simple yet effective as the Ethel bag by Swoon. It comes together so quickly and, even though it’s a beginner pattern, really does look like you need some serious sewing skills to complete it!

As with all my bags, I used recycled eco leather on the base (darn, forgot to take a pic) but, for a change, I used ready made leather handles.  Yes, they look great but, crikey, they’re a bind to hand sew on!

Anyway, she’s all finished and shipped to the States……I just hope my client likes her!!


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