Did somebody just say the C word??!!

So it’s a Bank Holiday here in the UK and the last day of my week long holiday from work. It’s been lovely, the weather has been (mostly) fantastic and I stuck to my vow of not spending the whole week cleaning and washing and decorating. I relaxed in the garden, played with my cats, shopped and sewed as much as I could.

So, I know that Christmas is 14 weeks away……(oh my goodness, Christmas is only 14 weeks away!) but I thought I’d make a start on some decorations by putting together an advent calendar panel by Makower from the Wrap It Up range. I love the retro styling of this design and it will go lovely in my 1960s inspired home.

I’ve never done a panel like this before but it’s pretty much foolproof as the instructions are printed onto the panel itself. My Mum has made these panels in the past and the one thing I remember is that the pockets can be slightly flimsy so I reinforced them with SF101. I also used it on the back panel before I applied the fusible fleece.

The only fiddly bit is creating the box pleats for the pockets but, once pressed, they happily stayed in place to be pinned down and sewn on. I continued my obsession with variegated thread by using it on all my topstitching!

Before applying the backing panel, I applied some ribbon to push dowel through to create a sturdy hanger…..the last thing I want is it flopping over and all my choccies falling out!

This is a great little project if you have a few hours to spare and, believe me, Christmas will be upon us before you know it!

Have you started preparing yet? I’d love to hear about what you’ve been making!


2 thoughts on “Did somebody just say the C word??!!

  1. Haven’t started any Christmas crafts yet though I do have a Christmas Pillow pattern in mind that I may start this weekend. I have started my Christmas shopping though! Now I work 2mins from Oxford street I’m super excited for the lights and Christmas stores to be open!


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