Simplicity 1109

Last year, I brought 3 metres of a bolt end of Moda fabric from my local quilting shop. It was just as I was getting into sewing and, in particular, sewing bags. At the time, I had a tendency to buy everything I saw that was on offer and thought that the fabric would make a great bag. I also thought it would make a great skirt but, at that point, I hadn’t ventured into the realm of dressmaking!

Whilst browsing patterns online, I spotted Simplicity 1109 and thought it would be perfect for a beginner like little ol’ me!

I set to work tracing the pattern. I’m trying to make this a good habit to have but, in this case, I predicted it would be necessary as I fell between sizes. My waist is 29 inches – between a size 14 and 16. The pattern says the skirt should be worn an inch below the natural waist so, because although I have quite a small waist, I cut a size 16 for the 30 inch waist because I do have quite a protruding belly. The next problem was my hips were a size 14 (or even less) so I traced the pattern grading from a 16 at belly to 14 at hips.

So, I set about cutting out and I CANNOT BELIEVE WHAT I DID NEXT!!! Now, many of you will not know that I like to make bags but I do and I have made lots all with beautiful pattern matching so why on earth didn’t I give pattern matching the slightest thought here? Not even a fleeting consideration?! I’m so disappointed with myself because I know that I could have made the finish article so precise. But, anyway, I like to learn a little lesson on each project and pattern matching was certainly it on this one! I guess the randomness of the pattern makes it a little more bearable but I’m sure it’s something that might begin to irk me.

The pieces were a breeze to put together. I read another blog yesterday about someone who attempted the multi pleated skirt and had problems but the single pleat caused me no issues. The exposed zip was an interesting feature and so simple to install.

I know it’s probably not meant to be the “done thing” but when I turned the facing over, I thought it would look top stitched. What do you think?

She did look soooo cute when she was finished but there were fit issues……or maybe it’s body issues, I’m not quite sure so your opinion would be appreciated.

I would say, when worn 1 inch below my waist, it is just ever so slightly loose…..half an inch perhaps. I just think it looks weird on me because of my small waist and sticky out tum.

To be honest, I probably wouldn’t wear the T-shirt tucked in which is maybe what is messing with my head but I still think it would look better if I wore it higher up on my waist.

Except now the skirt is far too short for my liking!!

Anyway, a simple untucking of the T-shirt and I think I can live with the skirt being slightly loose……plenty of room for a big dinner!

I would absolutely make this skirt again. In fact, I have some dark red cord in my stash that I’d love to try. Next time I would definitely make up a size 14 and either make up the longer length version of the skirt or increase the short version by a couple of inches as I think it was just too short for me. Stay posted for my next attempt and, in the meantime, enjoy me posing like a loon!


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