Burdastyle 9/2016 105

I’ve often picked up a copy of Burda Style Magazine in W H Smith’s and admired the “on trend” clothes. What always put me off was the thought of having to trace off the patterns from the centre pages…….that was until I saw the cover of September’s magazine. I loved this dress and I had the PERFECT material for it!

Love, love, love this dress!

So, armed with a new supply of pattern tracing paper, I stole myself for an evening (which turned into 3 evenings!) at the dining table. It is, to say the least, a laborious task……once you’ve traced the pattern off, you then have to add the seam allowance of your choice before cutting out. However, eventually, I was done and already to cut out!

My chosen fabric was a beautiful viscose I sourced from The Textile Centre – this was the first time I had ordered from them but it won’t be the last……extremely fast service and just £4 a metre!

I also needed an invisible zip, something I didn’t have in my stash – in fact, I didn’t have an invisible zip foot, either, so I headed to my local shop, Truro Fabrics, where the incredibly helpful Scottish lady (sorry, I don’t know your name!) not only sold me the foot but talked me step by step through installing an invisible zip.

Given my figure  – 38-29-38 with a 30″ underbust – I fell between sizes. In fact, I was worried that I wouldn’t fit into the largest chest size so I made a toile. I was happy that my bust would fit but it confirmed that the waistband, which lies on the “empire line” would need some taking in.

This was my first time using viscose and, boy, does it slip around when you cut it out. Eventually, I got my pieces cut out and could start construction. Now, remember, this is only my 4th item of clothing I’ve ever made and I’d heard that Burda patterns can be notoriously vague when it comes to instructions. I did have to read them several times but I think that was more to do with the initial instructions being printed under another pattern and having to flip between the two. Once I’d got my head round them, construction was fairly simple.

Bodice detail
Bit windy for posing!

I didn’t find installing the invisible zip particularly difficult thanks to the lovely lady from Truro Fabrics but could do with some tips on how to match up waistbands so they are level……..and we won’t mention how on earth my two neck ties ended up being completely different sizes but, hey, that’s the benefit of having long hair to cover it up!

My main niggle with the dress is, although it fitted lovely all the way through construction, once the arms were installed, it became a little tight across the chest and biceps. If anyone can offer me some advice as to whether/how I would adjust the sleeves to prevent this that would be great!
Overall, I’m really happy with how it turned out given my inexperience. I learnt some new skills and got a “wow” from hubby when I came downstairs for my photoshoot! He said it’s my best make yet and I’m inclined to agree!

Always getting photobombed!!

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