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To do, or not to do….

Hello friends.  Do you ever find life slightly “trying”? Trying to keep the house clean, trying to stay on top of the laundry, trying to meal plan, trying to eat well, trying to take regular exercise, trying to spend enough time with loved ones, trying to decorate after renovations, trying to get through 8 days at work……after I’ve tried to do all these things and many more, the only thing I don’t have to TRY to do is sleep because I’m completely exhausted!!


Is it only me that finds that, when you’re pushed for time, you actually start feeling under pressure to enjoy yourself which, in turn, makes any time you do have to yourself not enjoyable at all?! Perhaps a To Do List will give me a little perspective and help stop me just gazing aimlessly into my sewing room and help me get some stuff done!

  • Finish the Swoon Ethel that has been sat in the cupboard for months and get it on Etsy
  • Finish the Swoon Dollie that had been a disaster from the get-go and gift if to my friend who says she loves it despite all it’s flaws!
  • Make table mats and runner to match the advent calendar I have already made
  • Make my niece a very, very simple horse quilt for Christmas as that is what she asked for and I’m also starting to think about quick and easy presents to make. I like the idea of infinity scarves like this but, maybe, with one side in a faux sheepskin and perhaps a pom-pom trim? Who doesn’t love a pom-pom trim?!
  • Start working with jerseys. I wear jersey more than any other material so it’s something I really want to master.
  • Make a Brumby skirt out of some red cord and a top to match from this viscose fabric I bought the other day


So, I think that’s enough listing for one day, don’t you? Let me know how you manage to focus and enjoy your crafting even when you are pushed for time.


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