Wedding Season

Although my sewing skills are by far the greatest, in fact, they are ridiculously amaterish, I like to think that sewing is pretty much like baking and, that if you religiously follow the instructions, it’s pretty difficult to go wrong.  I bake quite an impressive cake when I have the Hummingbird Bakery book to refer to with weights, measures and temperatures all spelt out and so far, my adventures into sewing have been following the same line as my baking and I’ve followed a pattern.  So far, so good but now I am venturing into maybe drafting something myself.  Eek.

In May, my darling baby brother is marrying the wonderful Steph.

Crazy Pair

Having an obviously inflated idea of my sewing ability, Steph asked me if I would make her outfit for the evening reception.  She sent me a few ideas that she had seen online which gave me an idea of what she wants and me, being me, just thought “Pah! How hard can it be?!”

Here’s some of the photos she sent me of the type of thing she is aiming for.  It’s important to her that she has something on in the evening that although is “wedding-y”, is easy to move in and dance in and won’t really matter if it gets trodden on and ruined!

So, I’m looking at a two piece.  The cropped top is very similar to something you would found being worn under a sari and then a gathered tulle skirt with some kind of underskirt.

Maybe, rather than drafting my own, I think I will try these two patterns from Kommatia Patterns on Etsy for the base of the skirt and the top.  How am I going to gather the tulle? Hmm, not worked that one out yet! Any tips gratefully received!




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